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Super-Max 2020 Solar Cattle Feeders Base Unit

The units are fully solar and programmable to up to 28 feed times per day 7 Days per week. You can also select only the days you want to feed like every other day, weekends only, etc.  All moving parts are external for easy maintenance and the unit is animal proof. In addition each feeder can feed 20 head of polled cows at one time and you can expect to feed a max of 30 with the feed saver grating system. In addition the Super-Max 2020 is the only feeder in the Industry with a built in “Fly Away”  Fly Control System. In the Spring and Summer just set it to feed once a week to eliminate flies and other pests! Besides these advantages our feeders have the Industry Leading 27′ 6″ of trough space. This means more head of cattle on our feeders versus any of our competitors.

These feeders save money by eliminating labor, fuel costs and provide a much more consistent, balanced and efficient feeding versus traditional creep feeders. These feeders also give you the opportunity to go hayless (No Hay Equipment!) by allowing your hay pastures to stand and employing a traditional winter grazing schedule.

Time is money and more importantly memories. Just ask yourself how much time you spend feeding cows in the winter or fighting flies in the Spring & Summer? Ask yourself how much are your fuel and labor costs? Ask yourself how many times you missed your family events because you had to feed? How many ball games, how many plays, how many holidays, how many trips you turned down because you needed to feed your cattle? How many times have you gotten out in the cold and rain to feed when you could have been doing something that YOU enjoy? The Super-Max 2020 gives you the opportunity to have your life back while still raising cattle. Work smarter and not harder with the Super-Max 2020 Solar Cattle Feeder.


  • 309 Cubic Ft of storage capacity (13,500 – 19,500 lbs of storage depending on feed weight)
  • Programmable to feed up to 28 times per day, 7 days per week
  • Built in “Fly Away” Fly Control System
  • Feeds 48 to 72 head of 1200 lb polled cattle
  • Standard “Feed Saver” Grating System expands feeding head count 50%
  • “Two Way” removable hitch system

Overall Dimensions

  • Overall Dimensions (309 cu ft Super Max)
  • Height – 97″ (8′ 1″)
  • Length – 354″ (29′ 6″)
  • Width – 47″ (3′ 11″)
  • Empty Weight – 4900 lbs
  • Warranty – 3 Years Craftsmanship.
  • Technical Support – Available 24/7/365
  • Parts – All parts are kept in stock in De Queen Arkansas.
  • Rotationally Molded 3/8 Plastic Tank which eliminates and leaking or corrosion concerns.
  • “Fly Away” Fly Spray System” standard on all units
  • Stabilization Runners standard on all units.
  • Troughs and “Feed Saver” grating system standard on all units.
  • 2 Feed Entry Doors for more balanced feed loading.
  • All actuators Guarded to eliminate damage from livestock.
  • Fork slots located on all base units for ease of movement.
  • All electronics and parts on the feeders are “Plug and Play” which allows for removal and replacement in less than 5 minutes.
  • Keychain Remote Start System standard (Just mash the button to open and release to have the feeder close).
  • “Round Up Buzzer” sounds when feed is discharging.
Pricing for Super-Max Feeder
  • Base Unit – CALL FOR PRICE


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