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Delivered at no charge for bulk orders of 6 tons or more The First Choice of Feed for  AUTO-MAX’s  Cattle -MAX Feeder Better Feed, Better Results! Livestock Nutrition Center provides customers with better feed rations and supplements at lower costs than most national brands. We can custom blend for all animal types. Custom Blended feeds […]

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4 Tips To Cut Your Winter Feeding Bill

Cut Your Winter Feeding Bill

It’s estimated that winter feed makes up more than half of the annual cost of keeping a beef cow in some regions of the country. That being the case, maximizing the feeding value and minimizing the waste in harvested feed are important considerations. For starters, hay stored outside usually has more spoilage during storage and

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Feeding Cows In Winter

Feeding Cows In Winter

By Ohio State University Extension February 13, 2013 | 2:27 pm EST  PRINT   Feeding beef cattle during the winter can be a challenging experience if being profitable is also one of your goals. Proper nutrition is a key component for a successful cow/calf operation. Cows go through many physiological changes during a year. The

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Feeding Cows 101

The grass in Montana is some of the best in the world. Cattle grow quickly through the summer, and gains are cheap. In fact, the whole romantic idea of cowboys and cattle drives began with trailing herds of cattle up from Texas into the rich prairie grasslands to fatten through the summer before being shipped

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